Register as a GWSC Player at FFV


Please register as a GWSC Player at FFV only if you have received an offer from the club confirming your place in one of the Teams for the season.

Players in teams U12 and older, need an electronic passport style photo to complete registration. Please ensure you have this file available when you start the registration steps.


1: Visit the Play Football website here

2: Choose the option that best suits you

a) If you have an old FFV number, choose - Re-Registering

b) If you are new to soccer, choose - New to Football

3: Click on the age group that is suitable for your registration

4: At the postcode box enter "3150" or "Glen Waverley"

5: Select the pin in Glen Waverley on the map and click the "Find out More" button

6: At the next screen, click on the "Register Now"

7: Click on "Get Started"

8: If you have registered in previous years and have an account you can sign in using that. If not, please continue.

For Juniors: Start by entering the parent's name and details and follow the prompts.

For Seniors: Start by entering the player's name and details and follow the prompts.

Payment of fees will be required at the end of your registration so please have your payment card ready.